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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

The only obvious thing not working with it is starting to type in
Japanese in the WhatsApp Web app (last 3+ years) in Firefox. The
workaround is to type a space, then whatever you need.

Curious - I just tested, and WhatsApp works fine for me. Using fcitx with Mozc.

The one I still have trouble with is Linux Skype app: if I type e.g. あ then press enter to accept it, it submits the message (without あ). Only single characters have the problem. E.g. テスト  (tesuto-space-enter) works fine.

By coincidence, we've been working on IME fixes in a web app this week, and on Linux chromium I have the above problem, but not on Firefox (*).

So it seems specific to Linux chrome + mozc (and therefore Linux Electron + mozc; though curious that vscode is fine).

I just found this, which agrees:

The advice is to move to fcitx5 and fcitx5-mozc, so something to watch out for when installing a new system. Anyone here happily using fcitx5?

(I've confirmed I am on fcitx4, and that my distro has got too old to make upgrading easy.)


*: On Firefox it works fine as long as we handle keycode 229, which is a special IME event. I was also able to see that Chrome doesn't send that 229 keyboard event when a single character is being inserted, but does when 2+ characters.

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