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Re: [tlug] Receiving money internationally

On 8/31/22 18:36, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Fees, time, and reliability.  My experience with transferring money
from the US to Japan has been "of those three, choose none".;-)

Maybe direct-to-bank is the best compromise, but which bank is also a

I regularly transfer money from my US bank[1] to my Japanese bank. The US bank does the foreign exchange and sends the funds in JPY. They charge me no exchange or transaction fees because they're good guys and I'm a long-time good customer. They send it directly to my MUFJ account here, without having to go through a FEX institution and rack up fees along the way. MUFJ accepts the money and charges no fees. It generally takes 4-5 days and haven't have any problems with the process yet.

[1] My US bank must remain nameless because they think I still live in the US. If they found out I was actually living here they would close my accounts and force me to move all my assets somewhere else. Send me a personal message if you really want to know what bank I use in the US.

Stuart Luppescu
Chief Psychometrician (ret.)
UChicago Consortium on School Research

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