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Re: [tlug] Receiving money internationally

>  > I'm not trying to by funny here but if you've negotiated compensation in
>  > JPY, the natural habitat of a JPY is a Japanese bank account so can't you
>  > just give them your Japanese bank account details and let them work out how
>  > to get the JPY to it?
> Fees, time, and reliability.  My experience with transferring money
> from the US to Japan has been "of those three, choose none". ;-)

I've had a Japanese bank reject my JPY payment from an overseas bank.

I wasn't told the reason, and couldn't track down a way to query it, let
alone fill in the paperwork, or provide the extra information, that
presumably someone wanted (I wasn't in Japan at the time - this may have
been 2020). My sending bank still charged their bank charges of course.


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