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Re: [tlug] More VPN coordination options

On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 05:50:08PM +0900, Jim Tittsler wrote:
> Edward's explanation of Headscale (and the mention of Nebula) at the last
> meeting was interesting.

Thanks Edward, that was nice.  I could follow most from the train.

> This week I came across innernet, which even has a Tokyo (Hayama?)
> connection. It is yet another take on how to configure/coordinate a fleet of
> WireGuard nodes.
> The biggest missing piece I've encountered is lack of mobile support. 

Sounds to me like a framwork which is basically rolling out the configs
to all clients participating in the network, so they know about each
For Nebula, that seems to be done more on-the-fly, the lighthouses have
knowledge about all clients and tell them about each other.

I tried out Nebula yesterday with a few systems on the LAN, seems like
a nice and small implementation of just the pieces I was hoping for.
Next time a family member gets a Linux or Mac setup by me, I will 
consider that to have a chance to login remotely in the future.


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