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Re: [tlug] Nomikai this Friday?

On Wed, 13 Oct 2021 at 19:41, Edward Middleton <> wrote:

We usually try to book the table rather then a course because that
avoids issues if people don't show up.

Well, yes, but it still comes down to a number of people.
I think we had about 5 people last Nomiakai so a table would probably do
but it works best.

Ok, that gives me something to work with. Thanks.
I will try to make it but it will depend on work and whether its near
the Akihabara side of Tokyo

I was targeting open air or rooftop beer gardens at first but many of them already closed for the season (running to the end of September) and the few that remain open are closing October 15th which means they are packed and either booked out or don't accept reservations anymore. So it seems for outdoor beer gardens we missed the boat this year.

However, considering the anticipated low number of participants and the short time remaining, I am going to contact two small places where I know the owner/manager. One is Tap x Tap in Kanda, the other Ye Malthouse in Nakameguro. I will report back in a few hours.


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