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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters for September 11th

On 31/8/21 2:44 pm, Andreas Kieckens wrote:
I would like to do a presentation on Pipewire some time. It's a low latency audio framework that's a drop in replacement for pulseaudio and jack.

It's been a god sent for me as I moved my guitar lessons online in Covid times. It gives me full control over how audio is routed in my system. I can capture simultaneously from multiple sound cards (like my guitar amp, my onboard mic and my system audio), send those through a software mixer where I can control their volumes separately and then pipe the result of that into a zoom call with my guitar teacher.

I was thinking this could be about a 30 minute talk? I could also trim the fat and put it in 10 minutes if needed.


That would be great, I have been meaning to look at this but not had the time.


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