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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters for September 11th

On 2021-08-28 12:28 +0900 (Sat), Edward Middleton wrote:

> The September 11th technical meeting will be run online.  If you are
> interested in presenting can you post a quick summary of topics you
> might be interested in talking about.

I don't know if anybody's interested in the "interfacing hardware with
Linux" side of things, but I recently came across an interesting little
chip called a "USB parallel FIFO" that looks like a serial port on the host
side (it uses the standard Linux /dev/ttyUSB* drivers) but offers a much
simpler, non-serial interface on the device side that old CPUs,
microcontrollers and possibly other things can make very easy use of. (It's
also significantly faster than USB-serial connections.)

This is a possible replacement for some of the things that we used to do
that wanted to interface with whatever through a parallel port. (Parallel
ports are now utterly dead for bidirectional communication because the USB
versions added certain limitations that makes even the bidirectional USB
ones good only for printers and scanners, rather than random devices you
come across.)

I warn you that I'm not feeling up to my usual level of prep, so it's going
to be pretty casual, and possibly quite quick unless people have a lot of

Curt J. Sampson      <>      +81 90 7737 2974

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    - L Peter Deutsch

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