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Re: [tlug] So-called "locale" problems in Thunderbird

On 2020-12-31 05:33, Darren Cook wrote:
Meanwhile I have some arcane questions about HTTP, and wonder if there
are any experts here? For a taste, loading a page from the site into a browser (Firefox, Chromium, I have tried works, but "wget"; produces  ERROR 500: Internal
Server Error. Is there any way this could genuinely be a server error?

You'll want to know what headers are being passed around, and what
redirects are happening. (Adding the trailing slash would be the first
thing I'd try.)

See the developer tools (F12, then network tab) in Firefox.
And add `-S` to your wget line to print the headers sent by HTTP servers.

This was interesting, so I've tried a couple things.
It boiled down to gzip compression. When client doesn't ask for it, server
throws the towel :D (see: `--compressed` flag for curl.)

Furkan Mustafa

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