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Re: [tlug] No sound with HDMI connection

On 11/30/20 1:59 PM, Daniel A. Ramaley wrote:
I don't know about Mint specifically, but most Linuxes these days use
PulseAudio. Sometimes, if you run "pavucontrol" you can fix problems
like this. My media PC occasionally has an issue similar to what you
describe. The fix for me has been to run pavucontrol then click the
Configuration tab and then choose a Profile that lists the HDMI output.
Try a few different Profiles and maybe one will work.

That might be indeed the case but I believe we're talking about a (software) driver issue here, which used to be common back in the day and less common now but the truth of the matter is that " HDMI " implementation is a mess. In this case, the computer manufacturer (DELL) messed with it. On purpose.

Is your system a "T" 3500? Because, if by any chance, it's on AMD/ATI ("Radeon") graphics (however you said was "Xeon" processor, right?), then remedy for that would be to look for the " official " (proprietary) video driver for your distro. Done.

Please clarify your hardware profile then. Hope it helps! フェルナンド

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