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Re: [tlug] Shopping for a new router

On Fri, 2020-11-20 at 14:05 +0900, Andreas Kieckens wrote:
> Hi all
> The wifi router I have at home is on it's last leg and I'm looking to 
> replace it. I don't really need anything fancy. As long as I can make a 
> PPPoE connection to my ISP and provide my home with wifi at decent 
> speeds I'm happy.
> I'm tempted to just get this one but thought I'd ask TLUG's opinion first.

I just got this one:

It's pretty good, I guess, but I'm really, really disappointed in the
speeds I get in this building with NTT Flets, theoretical maximum speed
of 100 Mbps. It's a 14 floor マンション with 5 apartments on each floor. At
busy times, I get between 3 and 5 Mbps down, and 50 Mbps up. When it's
not busy, I can get between 30 and 50 Mbps down and 85 up. I guess it's
not the router's fault, but it's hard to evaluate the router and ignore
the confounding of the internet speed in the building.

Stuart Luppescu
Chief Psychometrician (ret.)
UChicago Consortium on School Research

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