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Re: [tlug] buying a iMAC

I forgot to mention I have decided to buy an iMAC to replace my current machine and considering my usage and feedback on the machines . So it's not just because of the current and immediate need but the current situation is making it more critical .

On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 6:37 AM Deepika Ghuriani <> wrote:
Hello Friends !

I was looking to buy an IMAC but unfortunately I need to wait for approx 4 weeks to get a new machine ! Since at the moment all work /studies are done from home we are short of one machine and I need one immediately to continue my studies / work (for next one month). I also gave a thought on buying a second hand machine (iMAC) but the option available in ( ソフマップ softmap akiba ) latest machine was 256 GB RAM which i think was not sufficient enough for a machine like iMAC to support heavy softwares etc . I am really surprised to see how helpless kinda situation I am getting into , am I missing something? Can anyone suggest something to me to resolve this vicious circle ...

Sorry if this message looks irrelevant to this group but i couldn't think of any other possible way/place to discuss and resolve this ...


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