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Re: [tlug] [tlug-admin] Call for presenters 14th Nov

On Wed, Nov 04, 2020 at 01:01:08PM +0100, Christian Horn wrote:
> HDMI grabbers got cheap, usb based ones start around 1200円.
> I could
> - introduce into the topic, talk about the limitations
> - give details about the 2 devices I looked into: one for the
>   raspi, and one usb based
> - talk about software which can be used for streaming and
>   recording, pros & cons
> - talk about some usecases of linux based HDMI grabbers, which 
>   might make others want to play with these devices

Based on Edwards reply, 
what could one think of with HDMI grabbing (not saying all of
this would work out, but it's in technical reach):

- Having just one monitor, so grab the signal of others and then
  display then on the one running monitor
- building KVM devices with HDMI grabbers and raspi: connect a 
  system via HDMI and usb to the raspi, and the raspi can not
  only grab HDMI but also emulate usb mouse/keyboard to that 
  connected system
- grabbing HDMI from game consoles, and streaming it to the LAN
  or internet via twitch or such sites.  You could also stream
  via WLAN to other systems.
- recording a video file from the grabbed HDMI signal
- grabbing HDMI, and running OCR over the output, to translate
- grabbing HDMI from a high quality camera, to use it in video
  conferences.  The differences to buildin laptop cameras can
  be huge


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