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Re: [tlug] Laptop and Macbook related query

On Sun, Nov 01, 2020 at 10:48:06AM +0900, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
> Couldn't find the article (or something similar) that I read about that a
> few years ago, but did find this:
> Fujitsu computer factory - Europe's last - to shut in 2020 (Oct 26, 2018)
> Munich (dpa) - The last factory in Europe to make desktop and laptop
> computers, a site in southern Germany owned by Japanese electronics firm
> Fujitsu, is set to close in 2020. -

Yes, the facility in Augsburg.
I had a look now at the Red Hat hardware catalog, Fujitsu does desktops:

The newest one which got certified:

So the construction is happening somewhere else.
I am pretty sure these are originally from Fujitsu and not OEM from
someone else, as per Red Hat these would be called "pass through",
and basically the original vendor would then certify and just
"pass through" the cert to the model as sold by a different seller.


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