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Re: [tlug] Laptop and Macbook related query

Re: "I also have one desktop machine (windows 7 , Intel Core i5, 2GB DDR3 with 500 GB storage ) which I have hardly used for a year but currently it's just lying around because it isn't booting after we transported it to our new place. Can anyone help me in salvaging it."

If you up the RAM to at least 4GB (8GB would be better) then that should work pretty well with Linux.  I think the bottom end of what will work is a Core-2 Duo processor, but that doesn't work very well as there isn't enough power for some applications.  But Core i5 processors work fine (in my experience).  The memory is really important though - 2GB really isn't enough.  A 500GB HDD is no problem, provided you don't keep a lot of extra stuff on your hard drive.

Re: "Also Can anyone help me where to look for desktop machines or high end monitors specifically sold to companies/hospitals/etc-only model."

Shops that sell such machines never say where they've come from - typically after buying one and researching the model number you discover that it was something aimed at large institutions.  Once you know what to look for you can spot them....  By observation over the years when visiting hospitals I've noticed Fujitsu desktop machines are often used.  A year or two back Fujitsu stopped manufacturing computers though, so any new Fujitsu machines are (I think) just OEM machines made by some other company?  Akihabara is probably your best bet, but be forewarned - there are fewer and fewer shops that sell used computers.

For monitors I have no advice at all... I'm still using an ancient one.  As for reliability and whatnot, I think that might not be an issue for monitors, as one of the main things that makes for-corporate-use computers reliable is good cooling via oversize cooling fans and large heat sinks, good air flow design, etc.

Anyway, the used equipment market has its risks, but the most reliable computers I've owned have been high quality used ones, not new consumer models.


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