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Re: [tlug] OT: Japans digitilization

On Mon, 28 Sep 2020 at 10:00, <> wrote:

   * authencity is inunderstandable for ordinary people (must be

Note, however that telephone numbers (and thus fax numbers)
can just as easily be spoofed as email addresses. One cannot
deduce authenticity from either.

Of course a personal hanko can also be reproduced with relative ease.
Signatures are harder to imitate. Perhaps we should use fingerprints :-)

* Some governments are just issuing passwords. Use your government
issues ID number and password, after that, whatever you do, is  "authentic".

The Japanese government now issues an ID card, called a koujin bango card.

This card is supposed to replace the hanko for any dealings with authorities.

It has your name, address, photo, DoB, issue and expiry date on the front,
and a chip and 2D barcode on the back.

You can use this at your local city hall to authenticate yourself. You can also
use it to get certain official certificates directly from an automated printer,
both at city hall and at convenience stores.

Use of the card requires a PIN number. There are different PIN numbers
for different actions. For example, you can have a PIN number for the
printing of certain documents that you can share with family members
so they can go and get the document on your behalf, but that PIN cannot
be used for anything else.


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