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Re: [tlug] Connecting cameras as webcams

Jens John wrote:
> Depends completely on the implementation. If they use USB properly 
> and present themselves in a way that the generic v4l2 driver can 
> handle,...

Thanks. I managed to track down someone saying the X-T200 does work in
Linux (but webcam mode itself is not very good!):

Looks like I'll need to do a careful search for each model I consider!

Christian Horn wrote:
> Cameras which provide HDMI output might also be interesting for you. 
> I played with 2 grabbers lately: one sits ontop of a Raspi, the
> other one gets connected via USB2. For ~3000円 these provide
> 720p@60Hz capturing, or 1080p at lower frame rates.

Interesting. I'll look out for that.

I just read a review of Atomos Ninja V, and it seems cameras output
better quality video via HDMI than they record to the memory card. So
that (rather expensive) device allows saving to DNxHD or ProRes, instead
of H.264/265.

I did a project with DaVinci Fusion - now included in Resolve - a couple
of years ago and remember those codecs were considered the professional
way to move video around. BTW, the DaVinci software isn't open source
but does support Linux, and even the free versions are superior to any
other Linux video editing software in my experience.


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