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Re: [tlug] Connecting cameras as webcams

Depends completely on the implementation. If they use USB properly and present themselves in a way that the generic v4l2 driver can handle, it'll be as simple as plugging it in and opening /dev/videoN in vlc or mpv, and browsers like Firefox should then also be able to use it. V4l2 is about a one man show, so specific drivers appearing can definitely take a while. Best bet is to use the latest mainline kernel if it doesn't work on your distro of choice. 

If the Vbox USB feature you're talking about is USB passthrough, then the cam only works in Linux if it works in Linux without Windows. 

On Mon, 21 Sep 2020, at 12:16, Darren Cook wrote:
> I'm currently looking at getting a new camera (for video tutorials,
> amongst other things). Being able to use it as a high-quality webcam
> would be a bonus. I saw this [1] saying a firmware update to this
> Fujifilm model will support PC/Mac, and it got me wondering if this is
> something like external hard disks, where if it works on a PC, it'll
> work on Linux... or more like printers/scanners, where you can sometimes
> be at the mercy of manufacturer's drivers.
> If it was limited to Windows, is it likely to work in a VirtualBox
> Windows guest? Using the USB options?
> (I did find the gphoto2 list [2]; none of the exact models on my
> shortlist are listed.)
> Darren
> [1]:
> [2]:

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