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[tlug] C++ Coroutines

Hi Matteo and everyone,

On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 7:34 PM Raymond Wan <> wrote:
> > I have also another question, I have intention to start my
> > thesis and the main topic is about the /*Race conditions
> > vulnerabilities and how to exploit them in Linux systems*/,
> > do you know if there are books that talk about this specific
> > topic?
> I don't know about the second half of your topic.  But oddly
> enough, I was thinking of the first half just today.
> Well...concurrency to be precise.  (Randomly, while day
> dreaming...)

I know my mention of uC++ last month shifted the original topic of
discussion but, just a quick follow-up.  Not surprisingly, I'm way out
of date when it comes to C++ programming.  I did not realise that
co-routines have been gradually moving into the standard.

Anyway, I just found out there's a talk here in Hong Kong on Monday,
September 28th at 8:00 pm JST on C++ 20 Coroutines.  Of course
"thanks" to covid-19, many technical/academic talks nowadays are

In case anyone is interested, it's a Meetup event:

(i.e., you have to join Meetup, join this interest group, and then
register for this event to obtain the link)

If I can remember, I intend to join this talk.  :-)


PS:  I don't know the group or the speaker, so no guarantees on the
quality.  Don't blame me if it's less than what you expected.  ;-)

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