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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Curt J. Sampson writes:

 > It's a nice hope, but before COVID-19 this experience had _already
 > been had_, and some countries _had_ learned from it. Why would a
 > country that didn't learn from the last one, or the one before
 > that, suddenly change?

The U.S. is worse than that.  Much worse.  Bush learned from the SARS
outbreak and left a playbook for future outbreaks, Obama improved it
after Ebola and MERS, the bureaucrats were all set to implement in
February 2020, and Trump said "Don't. You. Dare. Tank. My.[sic]
Economy" (imagine thunderbolts, timpani, and reverb pinned to 10).

So any country that lets people who have recently been in the U.S. in
is irresponsible, because Americans are superspreaders as a completely
foreseeable side effect of deliberate Administration policy, which
manifestly has not changed. :-( :-( :-(

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