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Re: [tlug] Mailing list question

On 2020-08-05 2:09 p.m., Jim Breen wrote:
I am trialling MHonArc, which is used to manage the TLUG email
archive. I cam make the complete thread and date order pages, but I
can't work out the option to give me the month-by-month view as in the
page at
Is it a standard MHonArc operation? If so can someone tell me the
command-line options to get it?

We use a bash script (since at least 2000-08-02 apparently) that gets the YYMM, makes sure that directory exists, and then uses the mhonarc "--outdir $BASEDIR/$DATE" option to add the message there.

In part:

# make sure the directory exists for this month
if [ ! -d $BASEDIR/$DATE ]; then
        mkdir $BASEDIR/$DATE
        chmod g+s $BASEDIR/$DATE
        # make the month appear in the index by removing comment
        # markers of the form ##2002-10## (formerly update_indexes cron)
        /bin/sed -i.bak -e "/##$LONGDATE##/D" $BASEDIR/index.html

# add this message
/usr/bin/mhonarc -quiet -spammode -outdir $BASEDIR/$DATE -rcfile /etc/mailman/mhonarc/$LISTDIR.rc -umask 002 -add >/dev/null 2>&1


P.S. This is in the repo by the way, which I marked as private just because it contains our server configuration. I can add you to the organization if you wish. Or simply mail you a copy of the ugly script (that I would do differently 20 years later, but hey, it still works. ;-)

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