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Re: [tlug] A First Hello

> That was a beautiful resume.

Thank you! TeX gets all the credit.

> -I recommend cutting it shorter, 2 pgs max. It’s too verbose. Drop your elementary school...

Oh definitely. This is intended as a Curriculum Vitae as opposed to a resume.
Every recruiter I have talked to has specifically asked for the former when I
mention it exists hence my opting for the CV in here too.

When applying to specific positions, I generally craft a tailored resume out,
pairing down to 2 pages as you suggest.

Indeed, the elementary school does seem excessive. However, Japanese companies
tend to expect that information in my experience. I have been asked to provide
it before. It makes sense for finding some social connections---hey, we went to
the same elementary school!---if you happen to grow up here, but in this case
it's just me covering the formal bases.

> -You spelled “Systems” wrong in the heading of the last section.

Ouch. Not sure why spellcheck missed that one. Thank you for the close read!

> Good luck out there, you have the passion now make yourself speak the language of business. 

Hrm. Mind elaborating on this? Feel like you might be pointing at an impression
I give off that needs work.

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