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Re: [tlug] Introduction to (Tech) Worker Cooperatives, 09:00AM on Sunday, July 12th JST

Kevin Sullivan writes:

 > What dynamics tend to emerge in collective systems, what can split
 > the atom so to speak of collective focus on group production of
 > business product? Do these models work best when the company scope
 > is rather narrow, so different work teams don’t thinking THEIR
 > project is more worthy of resources/compensation than others? I am
 > thinking here of Orwell’s “ Animal Farm” where in the beginning all
 > are equal and in the end "some animals are more equal than others.”
 > Hard work running a business operation where you need to
 > simultaneously balance 4 poles with spinning plates of Customers,
 > workers, management, and owners/providers of capital all demanding
 > “fair shares” of the pie so to speak. Too good to the customers
 > with low prices, not enough money for workers or company
 > owners. Management running the company for their benefit, shorting
 > workers and stockholders, etc. Balancing fairly equally the demands
 > from all 4 groups is an ongoing challenge, and failing any one of
 > them can end the business long-term viability.

Good summary.  I've given up on talking to either socialists or
capitalists about this, though.  Both tend to be "direct causation"[1]
thinkers, and uninterested in what I have to say. ;-)  I just blog[2]
to myself:


[2]  Yes, I'll fix the stupid paywell-style URLs.  But not today. ;-)

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