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Re: [tlug] July 2020 meeting

Sorry one more thing, we don't need to do this at the regular sessions mentioned in the homepage.  Online TLUG meeting can be held at any day or time of your choice.

On Jul 7, 2020, at 08:04, Yasuaki Kudo <> wrote:

Hi Edward,

We are trying to enrich the free world of worker cooperatives and free software.

You are welcome to present here - we have BigBlueButton there that can be used for presentation, as well as video chat.

Perhaps we don't need to limit the participants to be from Tokyo 😄


On Jul 6, 2020, at 21:40, Edward Middleton <> wrote:

Thanks to COVID-19 we haven't had a meeting in a while.  I was planning on having a physical meeting this month but given the current state of things I think a virtual meeting might be better.

I am looking at options for video conferencing.  I was looking at

Which could work for general discussion, but maybe not as well for presentations, I am open for suggestions.


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