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Re: [tlug] Corona and schools in Japan

Hi Yasu,

On 28/4/2020 8:13 pm, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:
My friends and I have been contemplating some kind of worker coop for remote work/education consulting in Japan.  😊

So obviously, I am very interested in this topic.   It am curious what the difficulties are is it technical?  The culture of presentism ?
Legal?  Security?

I would love to know more!

Are you talking directly to me or to others as well? If just me, you can feel free to write to me privately.

Briefly, maybe I'm old school, but I prefer face-to-face meetings and face-to-face classes. Less stuff "sinks in" if it's on-line. Also, it's just way too easy to watch Netflix in one window while you have a lecture in the other. :-)

So, no, not technical.  But, maybe that's just me...


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