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[tlug] COVID-19 travel warnings / Info

I hope everyone is doing OK.

Things seem to be escalating in Tokyo and it looks like there will be a lockdown or other measures in the coming days.

Most countries are advising their citizens to return home. If you are planning on doing this I would act now before it becomes impossible.

The US embassy recommends

"having 14 days of food and prescription medications at home and preparing a “go-bag” including passports and copies of vital documents such as birth and marriage certificates."

Which seem like good advice given the uncertainty.

Here are some useful links.

Tokyo COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Situation Report in Japan

The most useful graph in the above page is the "Serious Cases" "TOTAL" graph which gives you the number of people requiring hospital care.

Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker

NHK Documentary about what japan is doing.

If you need help, or need to talk feel free to phone me on 090 3689 0292

Edward Middleton

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