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[tlug] Tokyo Retrocomputing Meetup

Two or three friends and I have a Telgram chat channel where we
discuss retrocomputing stuff (mainly 8-bit Japanese and foreign
personal computers), and we've decided to have a meetup at CoEdo[1] in
Hamamatsuo-cho on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 28th.

We are planning to have some real hardware there, including a C64
Reloaded[2] and maybe some other Commodore or Commodore-like stuff. I
might bring my Fujitsu FM-7[3] (a most beautifuly designed computer
with a 6809 CPU!) if there's demand. There will likely be beer in the

For activities, I'm preparing a little tutorial on 6502
machine-language programming on the C64 (the VICE[4] emulator will
work fine if you don't have a real C64), but we're pretty open and
won't be worried if the whole thing goes in another direction or just
devolves into discussion and poking at the equipment.

If you're interested in coming along, or just joining our Telegram
channel, please drop me a note.


Curt J. Sampson      <>      +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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