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[tlug] Blockchain Voting in Tsukuba!

Curt Sampson writes:

 > I would bet that Stephen, being not only a Tsukuba university
 > professor but also highly knowledgable about systems and security, is
 > deeply involved in this. Perhaps he would be willing to give us a
 > presentation on this to inform us as to how it thing will improve the
 > world and make all our lives better?

I'll give it to you now:

                         Every morning I wake
                         and I pray my thanks
                     that I am registered to vote
                            in Ohio 15th,
                             not Tsukuba

Take that how you will, except that, while most of you probably
already realize voting against all Republicans and Trumpalos
especially the incumbetent[sic] DOTUS[sic'er] is my overriding
consideration on political participation, you can exclude that and not
one word of my presentation would change.


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