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Re: [tlug] Blockchain Voting in Tsukuba!

Ugh, yeah the mayor of Tsukuba was just bragging about it at the opening ceremony of the International Olympics of Informatics this Sunday.

"We are the city of the future! We have introduced voting! With BLOCKCHAIN!"


On Wed, Sep 5, 2018, 00:11 Curt Sampson <> wrote:
I've just found out from Tokyo FinTech Meetup[1] folks that Tsukuba
has introduced a new blockchain voting system[2]. (It's even based
around our beloved 'My Number'.) This is being used for votes on 'new
cancer diagnostic technology' (an area where I think we can all agree
input from the general public should determine what we do) and 'the
introduction of a “mystery solving game” for cheap entertainment.'

I would bet that Stephen, being not only a Tsukuba university
professor but also highly knowledgable about systems and security, is
deeply involved in this. Perhaps he would be willing to give us a
presentation on this to inform us as to how it thing will improve the
world and make all our lives better?


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