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Re: [tlug] Kernel Panic has visited -

On 06/07/2018 02:02 AM, kts wrote:
- bedlam ensues

Specifically, a failed upgrade from debian 8 to 9 left the system unable to boot. -all drives/data OK, so far… but the night is young, Rome wasn’t burned in a day, and itchy-fingered Google-inspired sysadmin hovers nearby ready and willing to tinkle down ill-advised commands upon the keyboards in a golden shower.

Not intended to be a "neener-neener" kinda' reply, but I found that much weeping and lamentation disappeared when I gave up trying to be a code monkey, stuck in a brandy-new HDD, set up 9 on that, installed my usual pile of standard programs, then replaced their config folders with the ones from my 8 HDD.  I confess to have copied a bunch of code that continues a problem I was having with Claws Mail, but everything else performs flawlessly and I was back up and running "normally" (sic) within two hours on a rainy Sunday morning, and that includes my virtualized OSes.


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