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[tlug] Kernel Panic has visited -

- bedlam ensues

Specifically, a failed upgrade from debian 8 to 9 left the system unable to boot. -all drives/data OK, so far… but the night is young, Rome wasn’t burned in a day, and itchy-fingered Google-inspired sysadmin hovers nearby ready and willing to tinkle down ill-advised commands upon the keyboards in a golden shower.

Underlying this is new H310m chipped Coffeelake hardware, a need to get the onboard Intel I219 gigabit NIC driver working, and the misguided thought that adding a few little lines to /etc/apt/sources.conf, update, and
# apt-get dist-upgrade 
may be the ticket. What a show indeed, display manager selection killed the GUI which then orphaned the install process, a little kill -9 and upon reboot, who`da thunk it? —Kernel Panic! 
kernel-panic exit code 0x0000000b

I take it there is some fake news inserted between kernel and libraries and the true state of affairs underneath. take it from me, folks, but before was a working 3.16.*something*mumble*something kernel, attempted update went to a *.4.*mumble*mumble*. Then it all went sorta Trumpian-ish. Thats my story and I am sticking to it till the special prosecutor reveals his evidence: my team would like to see which /var/log file leaked in the init sequence, and which squealer needs siccing my lawyer on? 

I couldn’t find it so stepped up my game to `lets replace everything from a livecd!` which led me to try booting a livecd and doing a suggested mounting of old partition then `grafting` the new into the old with  / /proc /sys /dev etc then chroot and try update again; no go SEGMENTATION FAULT when doing the chroot /mnt/ . So, stuck there. How does one get around this little-itty-bitty hurdle? Wrong track?

Hoping for help before my Plan B of repurposing a spare SSD into fresh OS install with consequent loss of databases/configs etc get too far along down the road of foolish wasted effort had-I-only-known-exactly-which-magic-command-line-incantations would solve the real problem(s). 

"You are my last hope, Obi-wan Kenobi…” ;)

Kevin Sullivan

PS: ¥300 PCIe NIC from Hard Off temporarily sorted the install-not-recognizing-onboard-NIC issue
JP: +81456702373
US: +17853184287
EU: +37254728541

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