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Re: [tlug] Macbook Pro RAM upgrade.

On Sun, 2018-02-04 at 00:19 +0900, Deepika Ghuriani wrote:
> Hi Friends, 
> I have a MAC book pro late 2011 with 4 GB of memory, I want to upgrade
> its RAM , can anyone suggest me where to get it done ?? 

More specifically to your points: My first macbook (mid-2012) upgrade I
took to a shop in Silicon Valley because I needed the drive cloned and I
wanted the warm fuzzies of a pro doing it right and me not risking
mucking up the job on a vitally important work tool when I was traveling
in the US. Who can provide/do this for you nearby in Japan, I don't
know. I can, now... ;)

My second laptop I was willing/more experienced and willing to do the
upgrade myself, and risk losing data if it went badly because there was
less data to lose because it was pretty much virgin install. I am no
longer afraid to risk the wrath of Apple, its just hardware after all
and not magic. Have working current backup, will tinker! The necessary
information is out there to do the physical RAM/SSD swap / technician
jobs yourself, then get it booted and cloned/copied/reinstalled and back
in running order software-wise. Not hard, just takes googling and a dose
of courage/foolishness, of which my 20+years building my own systems has
provided false confidence that problems run into can be scrambled out
of. Who knows, you may discover being an Apple repairman to be your
favorite new niche in life.
> and also wanted to understand what is the general life span of a MAC
> Book.

No personal experience so far with my Apple hardware breaking so I can't
speak to the physical longevity of hardware. But I can say with the SSD
and maxed-out 16GB of RAM, the fact that it is only a 2.5ghz dual core
doesn't bother me speed-wise, it seems to have enough power for my
limited asks of a laptop, and I foresee using it for the next 5 years or
more until something radically awesome/next gen comes out, which I am
not aware of. Retina hi-definition screen would be nice but I choose
upgradeable RAM and SSD option over screen resolution for my laptop. If
the current computing status quo of sub-4.0ghz /16gb holds, I would
certainly consider repair/replace any component screen / battery /
mainboard / keyboard hardware if it crapped out and was feasible... or
just go find another used mid-2012 macbook pro then swap over my memory
and SSD and say goodbye to the old one. Even though it is 5+ years old I
see no compelling reason to swap yet. Though I did like the features of
the Razor laptop my daughter chose if I was going Wintel/Linux. Seemed
quality, and a quality hit to the pocketbook.

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