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Re: [tlug] Macbook Pro RAM upgrade.

On Sun, 2018-02-04 at 00:19 +0900, Deepika Ghuriani wrote:
> Hi Friends, 
> I have a MAC book pro late 2011 with 4 GB of memory, I want to upgrade
> its RAM , can anyone suggest me where to get it done ?? and also
> wanted to understand what is the general life span of a MAC Book. 
> Thanks for the help!
> Regards,
> Deepika
I can chime in. I have two mid-2012 Macbook Pro's. Both upgraded to SSD
and 16GB ram. Bought them from PC Depot Tsujido used for about 75,000yen
each in original 4gb/500HDD configurations. Then upgraded them. I am
happy with the results... healthy RAM, "enough" storage for a mobile,
letting the 2.5ghz dual-core perform well enough for my tasks.

Price for RAM about 15-16,000 yen (Amazon). 
Crucial DDR3 PC3L-12800 CL11 8GB 1.35V/1.5v (W3N1600CM-8G)
SSD I used Samsung EVO 850 in 500GB and 1TB flavors.
(1TB = MZ-75E1TOB/1T). Not cheap.

Tools needed: very small Phillips + driver, and a small Torx 6 for
swapping the stud/pins over from HDD to the SSD drive. Small note, the
screws on the case back are of (?) 3 different lengths, so its helpful
to lay them out on a piece of paper in the same orientation they came
from. Very small and precise and if you lose them you are screwed, so be
careful and in a clean environmnent. YouTube videos demystify the
process, this isn't hard to do. Just go gently and don't overtighten or
overly bend/stress the SATA connector.

Both upgrades together make them fly. SSD for boot times, and RAM for
general use and rarely hitting swap. Even with a dual core i5 2.5ghz, it
has good enough performance for me. Though it is still chunky in
weight-- I like that, it feels solid and I have less worry about damage.

For about 3,000 yen you can also get a USB 3.0 UASP 2.5 external
enclosure for recycling the old HDD, which you could use to boot from
when cloning the hard drive.

Having started in DOS, then Win, then OS/2, then Win, then Linux again,
and now Linux/Mac/Win (...and master of none) My Evernote / NixNotes
from new expeditions into Mac-Landia so far:

Macbook Boot Options:

Press then Release when Apple logo/progress bar appears.

Holding down during boot:
Option key = show other connected bootable devs (i.e. ext. USB drive)
D during startup= should show hardware testing capability from bios?
C during startup= boot from CD
Option + N = netboot... if I had a netboot server

Hold Shift until apple logo... = safe boot
Recovery Mode Options= Command + R (disk check/first aid options)
Internet Recovery Mode = Command - Option + R
Reset PRAM (parameter RAM) = Command + Option + P + R
Reset SMC (Non-Volatile RAM) = pwr off, then Shift-Ctl-Option+ Pwr,
release, restart normally
Command + V = Verbose mode-- shows all output (=dmesg)
Command + S = single-user mode, non-graphical text cmdshell

Screenshot - (puts it on desktop)
Command Shift 4

I am now somewhat interested in making my own Hackintosh and bringing
that lovely OS/X onto my desktop... now that I have extra drives already
formatted... Intel i7 chipped gigabyte board, check... Not there yet but
it looks like it could be an interesting project.

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