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Re: [tlug] Macbook Pro RAM upgrade.

I have the same, MBP 2011. (Mine is 15" but below applies to 13" too.)

Officially it says it supports up to 8GB, but it actually supports up to 16GB with no

I've just bought 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3-1333 Kit, and inserted them in SO-DIMM slots. If you just open the bottom cover, you'll be able to do it yourself. It's quite easy. Don't damage the screws. Try to avoid static electricity (connect yourself to earth? :D)

It might also be a good chance to replace HDD with an SSD too btw.

About general life span; I have used the original battery for around 6 years. I have replaced it with non-original battery, and I regret it, and soon I'll go to apple shop and get a proper replacement battery. If you properly take care of it,
a battery pack for this machine would work for 5 years.

Rather than battery, there are almost no issues. I guess I can use it a 5 years more.

I still use it with linux, although because of a second GPU it needs some tricks. If you have a model with no secondary GPU, that would be better with Linux.

I'd give at least 7/10 stars to this machine for lifespan/usability over time.

Note: I once had a Logic board replacement, due to a design failure causing discrete GPU to overheat for a long time and solders getting brittle, total breakage after a while. I had no issues after replacement. But, I think the free replacement program is over.

Only thing about life-span is, year after year laptops are getting lighter (in weight), but this one stays 2.5kg. Maybe that might be a concern for getting a replacement.
And not having USB 3.x is also a problem.

Furkan Mustafa

On 2018-02-04 00:19, Deepika Ghuriani wrote:
Hi Friends,

I have a MAC book pro late 2011 with 4 GB of memory, I want to upgrade
its RAM , can anyone suggest me where to get it done ?? and also
wanted to understand what is the general life span of a MAC Book.

Thanks for the help!


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