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Re: [tlug] New Math

On 2017-12-26 23:23 +0900 (Tue), CL wrote:

> ...that the box was probably underpowered and ought to have 750W~850W
> to perform at peak levels under all load conditions.

This may be overengineering. Rotating drives (or rotating anything)
have significantly higher load at startup than in operation. For this
reason, many rotating drives have a "motor delay" setting (often a
jumper or something similar) that will delay startup in order to help
reduce current draw when the system is powered on.

In the old days, setting the "motor delay" jumper would delay motor
startup for a number of seconds proportional to the SCSI ID. With SATA
there's only one drive per channel, so clearly that can't work any more.

Another method was to have the drives wait for a "motor start" command
after powerup. Something like that might work for you.

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