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Re: [tlug] Trouble with iPhone tethering over USB

> space address under for the USB subnet). And /etc/resolv.conf
> gets updated accordingly (phone as nameserver). 
> ...

How about if you use another name server? E.g.
(Set the connection to be DCHP addresses only.) And/or try connecting to
a website using its IP address (*).

Failing that, how about altering your browser headers to say you are a
different browser/OS? E.g. pretend you are Safari on ios.  (Even better,
if you suspect browser headers are the problem, you could use curl, to
first imitate your real browser's headers (-H flag; use developer tools
to find out what headers your failed requests are sending) then remove
them one at a time, until it works and you find the one triggering the


*: for a website which only uses a single IP.

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