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Re: [tlug] VPN in Debian

> I installed OpenVPN on the smallest Digital Ocean droplet without too
> much trouble. The instructions on Digital Ocean are excellent: very
> detailed and complete. It worked fine but there's crazy overhead. With
> no VPN I get about 18Mbps; with the University's Cisco Anyconnect VPN I
> get about 12~14Mbps. Using my own VPN I get about 8Mbps. I don't know
> if it would be better if I used a bigger droplet with more memory.> Also, I don't know if distance is a factor. I normally live in Florida,
> the University is in Chicago, and Digital Ocean is in California.

Those numbers sound quite reasonable (but I'd be interested to hear what
others say), and I doubt more CPU/memory will help. You could try
setting up a t2.micro instance in AWS's us-east region (east-1 is
N.Virginia, east-2 is Ohio) which might give you more of a straight line
for your data trip to Chicago? Or compare with Digital Ocean regions in
New York?


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
My New Book: Practical Machine Learning with H2O:

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