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Re: [tlug] Recommendations for a small, cheap laptop / netbook for travel with a Japanese keyboard

On 10/02/2017 11:38 PM, Edmund Edgar wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions for a light, cheap laptop or netbook
or something for travelling with that they've confirmed works without
drama with Ubuntu or some similar Linux?

I carry one of those, currently running " KDE Neon ", all features I could tell in place (wireless, suspend-to-RAM, hibernation, "WoL"...) out-of-the-box really.

Specifically: (that's little more than 10.1' tablet)

Go over " BuyMore " stores on the backstreets of Akiba. If lucky, you may check one over the shelf re-branded " Mouser ", " Iiyama " (known for displays). You can expect very good quality/cost ratio. Linux ready. The only thing I use software-wise.

Only drawback of Clevos. Any upgrade is a pain to dismantle the hardware.

I give you my very best advice. フェルナンド

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