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Re: [tlug] Access X11 app over the Internet

On 2017-08-18 09:24 +0900 (Fri), Jim Tittsler wrote:

> It has been a while since I needed to use an X11 application remotely.
> Years ago I used VNC through an SSH tunnel, and then later NoMachine.
> What is the current best practice for a primarily text and occasional
> graph based application?

If you have a reasonably fast link and you're using a Linux (or pretty
much any other Unix) desktop system, you can run the app on the remote
machine as a client of the X11 server already running on your machine.

    ssh -X -o ForwardX11Trusted=no otherhost xmyapp

You may need to set `ForwardX11Trusted=yes` if the app doesn't work
with X11 SECURITY extensions enabled; if you do this, you are
extending the same level of trust to the remote host (including all
its users) as you do to your local machine.

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