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[tlug] Recovering Data from a Dead Tablet

My wife had a China Cheapie, WIN 8.1 tablet (brand is "TJC" - intended to be okay to lose or break) for reading news and playing Solitaire on her one-hour commutes. She fell asleep on the train the other night and dropped the tablet, cracking the screen glass through. It now doesn't boot.

She's suddenly realized that she recorded the last couple of visits to her recently deceased father on the internal SDD and those video files (I _think_ they're standard .mp4) were not backed up to the removable card. She's asked me to try to recover those files before trashing the device, but I haven't a clue what is possible. I haven't easter-egged the case (I have the proper tools), but I am assuming that the internal drive is integral to the motherboard and can't just be plugged into a USB cable and read. And, if I _DO_ easter egg the case, what do I do to access the data? We have two WIN 10 devices with USB 2 / 3 connection capability amongst the piles of Debian and Android powered stuff.

Anyone have any ideas / suggestions for DIY recovery ... or is this something best left to a highly paid adult? If the latter, anyone know who is good at this task? Google has not been my friend.

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