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[tlug] Japanese IME for 2nd user

I've created a new user on my notebook running Mint 17 (i.e. ubuntu
14.04), xfce.

The first user is using ibus-mozc (I also have Chinese and Russian input
configured). This was setup 2-3 years ago.

This new user does not have Japanese. ibus appears to be running, but
the plain keyboard is listed as the only input method. Curiously
"Croatian" is listed as the only language I could add.  (I went back to
the first user and there were loads of languages listed to add.)

Any idea what to do? All the guides I've found just tell you to install
packages, but ibus, mozc, etc. are already installed.

If I uninstall and reinstall, will I lose the configuration for the
first user?

Another thought was to copy over .ibus and .mozc from /home/user1/ and
put them in /home/user2. But it feels like there is going to be some
other config file(s) controlling this.



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