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Re: [tlug] Suggestions for poor FTTH performance

Is this a recent Fleets package?,
As I previously had NTT Fleets service when living in West Japan and recently changed over to their newer packages...

What I had (in the past) was a high-speed wall socketed FTTH setup including VoIP telephone landline which rocked on at about 10Mbit bidirectional but I rate limited that between machines having a consistent 2Mb/sec rate across 4 different machines regardless of wired/WiFi connectivity.

What I currently have is an updated form of that with a WiFi "bridge" between 2 sets of machines
  and I can still transfer a full DVD image(single 4.7GB raw) /up to/down from/ cloud storage within approximately an hour...

so I would definitely question your settings again.

as for different speed rating sites...   I've been able to get inconsistent results from those.
  and that is using AmigaOS 4.x / Windows 7 or various Linux virtual machines on a gentoo host...
  or using either of my raspberry pi machines under ssh control.

so yeah...  look again at your settings and choose what's best from the simplest options you can setup.

That's all I can initially think of for you.

(my previous connection was between 6 people but only 4 actually used the connection,  and my current connection is shared between 5 people).

throughput is consistent for everyone here,  with speed remaining between 50%-100% of a DVD 4.7GB image in an hour. (more usually in the upper 95-98% range when not peak rate)
and that is always consistent for ~4 hour intervals.


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On April 14, 2017 11:02:05 Joe Larabell <> wrote:

Having "outgrown" my cable provider's connection with two teenagers in the house, I recently had Flets from AsahiNet installed and I'm finding the performance even worse than the cable connection. The site shows an average of 2Mb down (slightly better at some times and slightly worse at others). Oddly enough, I seem to get somewhere around 15~20Mb up (it's usually the other way around, no?). Moreover, while some sites load quickly, others (like Yahoo HK, which my wife uses extensively) often won't load at all. I'm not entirely sure the fault is not in my set-up but the only thing I did was add a PPPoE client on a spare port in my router -- everything else is the same.

If either Flets or AsahiNet are known performance bottlenecks, I'm open to suggestions as to which provider(s) might be a better choice. If it's possible the trouble is in my setup, I'm open to suggestions on how to identify and fix the problem, even if it comes to buying a couple rounds of beers to have someone who knows more than I do check the settings. I'm using a RouterBoard router to make the connection and shuttle it about the house, if that matters. One option (if I knew how to set it up) would be to route my work VPN through the fiber (so far, it seems to be adequate to handle that) and shuffle everyone else through the previous cable connection (cancelling that while keeping the TV part would only represent an incrementally small savings, anyway).

In the meantime, I'm probably going to shift back to using cable for now so I can keep the peace at home ;-).

Joe Larabell
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