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Re: [tlug] Suggestions for poor FTTH performance

On 2017-04-14 10:25, Joe Larabell wrote:
If either Flets or AsahiNet are known performance bottlenecks, I'm
open to suggestions as to which provider(s) might be a better choice.

We're using AsahiNet with Flets in multiple locations, and we have 2
different setups;

 - Direct fiber cable to the location, with a Fiber Optic to Ethernet
Modem from NTT (with Gigabit ethernet port). I am able to measure up
to 600~ mbps speeds within Tokyo, and less than 10ms ping duration.

 - Fiber connection to the building, but phone/dsl line to the flat.
And a DSL -> Ethernet modem from NTT (with 100mbps ethernet port).
I'm able to measure almost full 100 mbps bandwidth and around 10ms
ping durations within Tokyo. (ethernet port is the sad bottleneck :/)

I believe that it is very unlikely that you'd see speeds as low as
2mbps, unless there is a problem.

Furkan Mustafa

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