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Re: [tlug] Dealing with a possibly busted external HD

On 2017-03-22 15:58 +0900 (Wed), Jim Tittsler wrote:

> On 03/22/2017 09:24 AM, Curt Sampson wrote:
> > over to Google drive once I can find and test a good Linux sync client
> > for that, but that's just related to cost and convenience.
> I've been using insync for over a year now, but it is not free.

That's the exact one I've been looking at; I'm glad to hear it seems
to be working for you. Anything I should watch out for?

If it works well, the $30 one-time cost is barely even noticable in
the context of how much I spent on cloud and Internet services every

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To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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