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Re: [tlug] Dealing with a possibly busted external HD

Hi Claus,

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 3:59 PM, Claus Aranha <> wrote:
> * This was a backup disk, and I still have the data, so I don't need
> to recover anything. But I'd like to clean it up before throwing it
> away to make sure someone more hardware savvy than me cannot recover
> anything. Any suggestions?

I think this was here in Hong Kong, but some government-run
organization was accepting hard disks for recycling (with the aim of
removing electronic wastes from the landfill).  And part of what they
did was erase the hard disk with a magnet in front of me.  (Of course,
if you don't trust what they were doing...i.e., was that magnet really
on :-)...then that's another issue.)

Perhaps a Japanese organization offer a similar service?


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