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[tlug] Android 6 and LINE notifications

My new Android 6 phone: under "notification" I chose "Hide sensitive
notification content". So when I get SMS, or gmail, I get a popup on the
lock screen saying there has been a message. I then have to unlock the
phone to see what it is. (*)

But not with LINE: it shows the actual message on the lock screen. Under
"app notifications", for Line, I have it set to "block all" off,  "treat
as priority" off, and allow peeking "off". Is there some other setting
I'm missing?


*: This is the desired behaviour... though gmail seems a bit
unpredictable in how soon it notices. (I was speaking to an Android
developer the other day, and he was saying modern Android apps are
encouraged/forced to all get their notifications at the same time, so
the antennae only has to be woken up once, thus saving battery; I
imagine the gmail behaviour I see is related to this.)

P.S As LINE is mainly used in Japan, and Android is kind of Linux, I
hope this counts as just about on-topic ;-)

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