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[tlug] FireFox's Demise

I woke up this morning after a memorable past week. I knew March 7th was 
coming and somehow preparing for it but not until it actually happens, you 
scale the magnitude of the stupidity made by people confined to their cubicles.

I won't continue to guess why people do what they do when you actually read 
"yeah, we remove those plugins because they're slow/they crash, they make up 
the security circus, nonetheless, we stay with ADOBE *FLASH* for heaven's 
sake, because they're... cool. They helped modern web." Cool people probably. 
I guess they discussed that decision in length, right? 

There are tons of legit web Java uses for business in particular. Even if 
Oracle abandoned it. All those remote control cards that only me in my VLAN is 
accessing. Put up a damn switch on it, damn it! Maintain an enable/disable 
switch for the plugin interface. Warn in plain language what it means and let 
the end-user decide.

I'm rolling back to SeaMonkey on my GTK-based desktops for now.  SeaMonkey 
will probably assume ThunderBird's further development too. I hope so.

In the end, less and less people can rightfully stand for freedom, fairness 
and independence in this business. Now Mozilla, something trying to make money 
with one-half of a web browser. Racing towards version 100th by deprecating 

One less viable browser for Linux world. Thank you. Fernando.

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