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Re: [tlug] Skype or Something Better?

> A lot of my clients are now requiring a Whatsapp account for 
> communicating with their reps.  The "good" program that would run as a 
> Linux standalone was forced off the net by Whatsapp's lawyers, but there 
> is still a good plug-in (?) that allows you to run the web app as a 
> separate window.  The one BIG problem is that you need a keitai with a 
> camera for setup, it needs to be left idling while you're online / 
> waiting for calls, and the keitai should be running off your WiFi...

BTW, what is the reasoning behind this?

I.e. I have to install an app on my cheap Chinese-built Android phone,
and the app requires permission to poke into just about everything. And
then the desktop version (Linux WebApp or native Windows/Mac app, as far
as I can tell) is basically acting as a dumb client connecting to a
server running on my phone. (IIUC?) That is so weird, there must be a
good reason for it.

Is it about tying it to a phone number? Is this for regulatory purposes,
or as part of the security aspect?


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