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Re: [tlug] Skype or Something Better?

CL writes:

 > Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption once it is set up ... or so the 
 > message says.

Not only does it have end-to-end encryption, but it's far and away the
best in the business (uses the same protocols and algorithms as Signal
with a much more convenient UI) -- so says a list of about 70 crypto
and infosec wonks including everybody you've ever heard of and a bunch
you haven't.  Google for "guardian whatsapp" and maybe "petition" if
you want to find the list.

As Curt mentioned, there are downsides to end-to-end encryption, but
if those aren't important to you, WhatsApp is best-of-breed.
(Signal's security may be slightly better against attacks from the
server, but that's probably not a problem unless you've seriously
pissed off the US government or other APT.)

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