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Re: [tlug] hosting in Japan

>> I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but Amazon Web Services
>> has servers in Tokyo....

This was going to be my suggestion to the OP. If setting up an EC2
instance was more admin-heavy than they wanted is (slightly) higher-level: you can choose
an Apps+OS instance, so can have a ready-to-go LAMP stack, or a node.js
or WordPress server, etc.  (Though making an AMI of your insance once
the app is installed is an even better solution.)

Or if their application is Docker-ready, then the EC2 Container Service:

> Google Cloud Platform[1] also has a data centre in Tokyo. They charge
> very slightly more for Tokyo than for their other data centers; you
> might check to see if the latency from Taiwain is acceptable if you
> want their lowest rate.
> Generally they're noticably cheaper than Amazon AWS, and I find them
> easier to use and manage as well. The company I work for is in the
> process of moving from AWS to GCP for these reasons, and we're far
> from the first to do so.[2]

How hard has it been to do that move? How many of the various AWS
services do you use, and how scripted was all your setup?

My biggest concerns with AWS have been that it just keeps getting
better, and I now have all my eggs in one basket. (I used to have half
my servers on Rackspace, and recently moved the last ones to AWS, as
RackSpace was costing me about three times as much, and was less flexible.)

(My other problem with AWS is they keep innovating, and it feels like a
full-time job just to keep up! Then minor niggles, like the AWS console
is very slow.)


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
My New Book: Practical Machine Learning with H2O:

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