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[tlug] Seminar at Tsukuba-Dai: Steven Jones on DMARC & Email Risks

Hi all

Steven Jones is the Executive Director of  He's giving a
talk on DMARC at Tsukuba U. tomorrow, as below.  Sorry about the late
notice, but this was a target of opportunity thing.
日 時 : 平成28年12月5日(月)         16:45~18:00
場 所 : 3F1115
司会者 : ターンブル スティーヴェン 社会工学域准教授
講 演 者 : Steven M Jones (Executive Directory,
演 題 : The DMARC E-Mail Fraud Prevention Protocol

< abstract >

DMARC and related email authentication technologies can help reduce
fraudulent email, doing so in a way that can be sustained at Internet
scale.  The protocol can help identify if/when bad actors are
impersonating your domain and users, provide reports on how much mail
is being sent from and on behalf of your domain, and optionally can
request that all messages failing authentication be blocked.

In this talk, Steven Jones will explain how DMARC provides protection
against email abuse and which organizations benefit most from its use.
We'll also take a look at how Internet protocols, and the software that
implements them, are developed and implemented at scale.


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